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Suggestion: Timed user group access


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I have subscriptions on my site. What I'd like to do is open the chat to everyone from say, between 8pm and 11pm every night, but only allow my subscribers access to the chat during other times of the day. Right now there is no way to do this. Would be great if you could setup a "schedule" for when certain groups have access to the chat. This could replace the "Enable Chat" and "Disable Chat" options that are presently available.

When one of these times approaches, the chat room could warn users in the chat (say, five minutes before, "Members Group Chat Access Begins in 5 Minutes"), and when the end time approaches, "Members Group Access Ends in 5 Minutes"). The chat would then need to kick everyone in the "Members" group when the deadline hits.

What I might do in the interim is write a simple script that manually twiddles the Chat permissions in the database. I could then have the Chat client itself kick people when the end time for their group has been reached.


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