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Suggestion: Enabling members to delete account


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Is it possible to create a function where members can cancel their own account, but leave it up to board administrators whether that should be with our without members posts? If posts should be kept, there might be an option that posts will be transfered to moderation queue so moderators can verify if no personal information is within the posts, or maybe even an automatic merge of the former account to a "collection" account, named by board administrator, so no posts will be lost (topics not destroyed) but in the sametime former members will not be named in board anymore.

Also the possibility to "maintain" the cancelled account for a limited amount of time (configurable by board admin) in which users can reconsider and reactivate (when cancelling account, board can send a email with e reactivation link, that is valid for the time that administrator has configured) after which the account is permanently deleted.
At this point (correct me if I'm wrong) the only way to remove an account is by requesting it to be removed by board administrator.
Due to law in several country's there should be an option for the user to have these kind of possibilities.

Hope I explained it correctly, please ask if question isn't clear.

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