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[Suggestion] Show members in secondary group


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I have a little issue with how secondary groups are done.
When a member is part of a secondary group their name does now show up in said group.

Some say they like this because you can have a user as secret moderator of sorts, that's fine, but I would like my users to know who is moderating them if there is an issue.

In order to accommodate users that what anonymity and for and others that would like to display, maybe we could have a check box for groups instead of a list.

So we would see something like...
Primary Group
(would be your normal drop down list)

Secondary Groups
(List all current groups, each group would have a some check boxes. Is a member, Hide member could add other options if needed)
Community Leaders 1
Community Leaders 2
Super Secret User Group

Another thing would be nice is if you click on a users group in posts / profile and show other memebers in that group.

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