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Download: (M23) Member Warning Enhanced v1.0.0


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File Name: (M23) Member Warning Enhanced v1.0.0
File Submitter: Michael John
File Submitted: 17 May 2009
File Category: Modifications

Description: Allow selected groups to warn members with admin setup pre-defined warn settings quickly from topic, profile or member list view. These warn settings include preview posts, restrict posting, suspend account, change user group and disable pm access.

Example of Use:
* For example when you have a confirmed spammer, you could setup the mod to restrict the member from posting, disable the pm system for that member and change his group to spammer. All these actions are performed with one click instead of going through the admin cp and member warn page.
* You have a standard second warning for members breaking the rules, instead of filling in the warn settings on the warn page, you select the admin created "Second Warning" from the dropdown, and that applies the following warn settings to that member: moderates posts for 10 days and suspends the account for 1 day.

More Screenshots and Feature List: http://www.devfuse.com/products/member-warning-enhanced/

Click here to download this file

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