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Download: Member Snoop 1.0.0


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File Name: Member Snoop 1.0.0
File Submitter: ntd1712_merged
File Submitted: 11 Apr 2006
File Category: Modifications

With this module you can login as any one of your members on the site and snoop around
in there members area as them. This is used if you want to delete/edit a certain item of theres
or just to have a good ol snoop. You will have to enter the members username as it is when you
browse for there name. Once you are logged in as them you will course be logged out as the admin,
so you will have to log back in again to make changes in your admin panel.

File to edit:

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This would be useful for checking custom permissions, but I don't think my members would be too happy if they found out I logged in under their account, which is why I am suggesting the following:

When logged in under another members account, completely hide their name from the online list, even from other staff. This will make it appear they've been offline and there is no trace of their account being accessed.

Also, if logged into another members account don't prohibit them from logging in whilst you are logged in under their account. They will become suspicious when they are unable to log into their account.

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