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Download: ibProArcade 3.3.0


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File Name: ibProArcade 3.3.0
File Submitter: Tribalize
File Submitted: 24 May 2006
File Category: Components

Arcade Component For Your IPB Forum Site

Thanks To Mike For This Release

3.3.0 Change Log

* Move all hard coding of text to lang file.
* Added Arcade Database Diagnostics, if you are missing any database entries, you be asked to Auto Fix or Manual Fix it.
* Move installer to ACP Side.
* When doing mass backup games, each game will be placed in folder in which cateogry the game from.
* Added Scanner to check for Duplicate Games - Scans your Database looking for games that have the same gname value.
* Moved arcade_functions folder to /arcade/modules/admin. (This move is for something download the road wink.gif )
* Added change points in ACP
* Added support for Secondary User Group, for Group Permissions - The best setting will be used
* Fixed problem with Secondary User Group for Categories
* Forums with no post count on will not not be counted as post
* When you when delete games, all game files should now be deleted
* No more adding decpoints, the script should automatically do this for you
* Added Sort Games in ACP Games List by v3,v32,sit n go games
* Added support for v32 games (v3 games will still work)
* Added Check to scan for old V3 Games to let you know which ones are not up to date
* Added Confirm Message When Deleting Games from ACP Games List
* Added Mass Delete Selected Cached Tar Files
* Added Sort Tar files by Installed, Not Install or Show All
* Added Delete All V2 Games
* Added Allow users to Choose how many new games, popular games, random games, newest arcade champions, and latest arcade scores.
* Added Sit N Go - Sorta like revamped tourament's, but everybody must play at the same time. (Requires games to be coded for this)
* Added Option to let members choose the overlib or standard columns
* Change how the overlib works, you now need to click the image
* Clean up the ACP Settings
* Added a Overview to ACP
* Added File Checker, it will scan your arcade/ , arcade/images and arcade/gamedata directory's+ and will return the results of files that should not be there, also good for if you remove games and deleted the files.
* Fix Category Bug with 2.2.x (Thanks to Cyber pointing out the problem - IPB caused it!)
* Fix Username not showing in Overlib if the game is newest champions or latest scores
* Fix problem if the game contain ' (<-- what ever call that) the overlib window will fail
* Add Stats to see which layout your members are using, all members will see this when they visit there settings.
* Added Create Tar in ACP Games List
* Fix problem when topic get's posted the link was wrong.(forget which one it was)
* Move auto prune scores to the task manager to reduce 1 query (still delete's the scores by what you got it set at)

For User's running

Any of the beta's or RC 1 you need to run Upgrade 3.2.0

For everyone else, choose the proper upgrade path

3.2.0 Change Log

1. Added Support for 2.2.x
2. Members can now set how many game columns they wish to use
3. You can now upload tar file VIA ACP -> Tar Install
4. All Games with gamedata directory should now be counted with file size. This will get more true file size for the game.
5. Relocated Arcade Champions and Guild Leaders by wins and added avatars.
6. New Design for Game Columns
7. Seconardy Member Groups for Category Permission will now work. (Thanks to tubesock for the code)
8. Topic ID Per Category: You can select where the topic is posted for each category when highscore is broken and Hall fame score is broken. Usefull for those who have selected groups for the category.
9. User can now download games, the script will create the tar file on the fly and then delete the tar file.
10. You can select your own message for the Activity challenges and choose some requirements to get the find.
11. You can now export your entire games list into its own tar file. Great for backing up all your game tars.
12. You can select category to show all the new games, set per arcade settings
13. You can now Search/Sort your tar files, by game title,filename and date uploaded
14. Added Category Image Selector
15. Added Categories to the database for backup purpose
16. Added Setting so you can adjust the options for the overlib window for games
17. And other stuff i forgot about
18. Fixed problems with pm's coming from the wrong members
19. Fixed mores bugs, which i can't remember
20. Arcade tutorial added

v3.1.0 Change Log
* Added Decimal Points Per Game
* Few Spellings Errors
* Added Game Colunms
* Added Game Jackpots
* Added Cost to play games
* Added Points Leader to see whos won the most points
* Put nav links in drop down menu
* Added Hall of Fame
* Added Game Search ACP Games List
* Added Extra Options for Scoreboard
* Added Activity Challenege
* Arcade Champs by Wins now Cached
* Arcade Settings now Cached
* Guilds Leaders now Cached
* Updated the Default Games to V3
* Fixed problems with Categorys dropping
* Fixed problem with user game challenges when game used decimals for the score
* Game Counts should now update for categorys when games are installed
* Fix other problems i cant remeber
* And anythang else i forgot

v3.0.0 Change Log
*redid the Who's Online in the Arcade..
*added make new topic for new game install and if
*highscore is broken
*Arcade League Leaders base by points
*Arcade Cats are now cached
*Favorites Redone - All Users Favorites will be wipe clean.
*Added to Arcade Profile - Recents Scores and there Arcade
*Tar install only games you dont have installed will show up
*PM player when the challenge is over. It will now detect
*which message to send.
*Group Permissions for Game Comments
*Layout for Category's for AdminCP
*Arcade Scoreboard
*Highscores,new score,challenges won, new games can be
*displayed in scoreboard if admin has it on
*Admin can the order of the scoreboard in which way
*highscores and etc.. get displayed.
*Admin can set the messages for the scoreboard.
*Send PM to player if there highscore was broken
*Total Time Spent
*How many new games,pop games , latest scores, new
*champs to display
*Changed mod to use autocom
*mass tar installer
*Games now Collaspe
*Game search
*No online edits needed anymore.
*ibf_games_champs no longer used
*Arcade Latest News
*Category Description
*Arcade Profile
*Users Can edit there comments
*Admin can restrict usergroups from posting comments.
*Admin can set restrictions in how manys characters can be
*posted for comments
*Added trophy's on view scores 1st,2nd,3rd place holders
*will have a trophy
*Category Champion
*Challenge System
*Users can challenge each other for gil.
*Game of the Day - Admin can choose it daily or use task
*manager to have update automaticlly.
*Added extra protection for cheating - only games that are
*converted for this will it work
*Game File size (sorta useless if the game has extra files)
*Users can sort when the game was added or by filesize
*Group Prefixs now display in the arcade
*win item from AtkShop if you break highscore - Admin can set it on or off
*Category Group Permissions

For Support Please Goto

Click here to download this file

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