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[Suggestion]Anchor link feature in editor


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There is a possibility in future version to have this feature or there is a possibilty doing this right now?
Using anchor(meaning a specific place in the middle of your post) we can create a bookmark inside a post;very useful when the post is too long and you want people find fast the text you want to read, not wasting time.
For example:
If I want someone to read a little a fragment of text from a post, I put that anchor on the begining of the text and then I give him the link with anchor pointing that text.

Thank you!
Best regards!

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I'm sure you could add something like this yourself if you wanted to by using custom BBcodes, but it would present so many problems that I doubt you'd keep it for long if you did add it.

For one, the anchors would have to be per page, they couldn't be per post as far as I know.

And then there's the issue of others adding anchors with the same name in their posts and screwing things up.

Not worth the trouble.

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