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Community Suite for Testing Purposes


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Sometimes's hard even for developers (modders and skinners) to work with all your products at least on this case. We've purchased the licence of IP.Board just for work on it but's a little bit irritating when our clients find issues with the IP.Gallery, IP.Downloads and IP.Blog. We'd like a Community Suite (non fuctional at all) just for testing purposes {Even a Beta}.

Or at least a private demo board (timed like the actual demo version). But's a little bit unfair pay for something that we won't use at all... at least a discount?


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I can understand where you are coming from, but in my eyes that's a "cost of doing business". That's like running a hair salon and asking the city for free water - you don't use it or drink it, but you need it to do your work. I don't think the city would give you free water, myself.

Realistically, though, you should be submitting a ticket addressed to management, I think, as they're likely the only ones that can really give you a yes or no in the end.

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