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[SUGGESTION] Spam Service - Test email accounts

Mark H.

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Have you tried looking somewhere like this

[url="http://www.stopforumspam.com/spamdomainsandips"]known spammers IP and Emails[/url]

i suppose you could try signing up with one of these emails to see if it works. not sure if it will though as you will be using your own safe IP, but just a thought anyway

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First, thanks to Charles for providing me with an email address that should be "Code 4".

But, I discovered a small "gotcha".

My existing Spam Key is (quite properly) tied to my "real" board's Domain.

But that can't be used on a test install on a *different* Domain.

Can a section be added to the Spam Service Key generation in the Client Area, for entering the URL of your Test Install?

I'd just as soon not keep changing my registered URL, although if IPS doesn't care I certainly could do that.

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