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No option to preview a permission mask anymore


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In previous versions, it was possible to click a link in the permission masks page to preview that permission mask. It seems that this has been removed in 3.0? I found it pretty helpful when creating a new group to be able to verify this was set correctly. In fact, I think it should be something you should get to from the groups page. Let me explain.

The way I set up my masks is by having the default 'members' mask give access to the standard forums, and is in use by the Members group. Additional groups I create also use this mask, as well as their own unique mask which just gives them those additional forum(s) that group gets access to. It would be nice if I could preview a group's overall permissions considering all of their masks. The only way I could test an issue I had with this recently was by creating a test account, I shouldn't need to do that to check this.

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