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Which files and directories can be deleted after upgrade to V3.0.1?


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I asked the same question via a help desk ticket. I was upgrading from 2.3.6 to 3.0. This is the response I got:

/install /jscripts /modules /resources /skin_acp /sources /style_avatars /style_captcha /style_emoticons /style_images /upgrades All those directories can be removed.. However.. You MAY wish to save the avatars, emoticons and images directories to make sure you don't have anything that needs to be copied over to the /public/style_avatars, /public/style_emoticons, etc directories before deleting them.. I'd just back those three up to your PC and then delete them.. That way you have a copy, just in case. The rest shouldn't have anything in them of importance.

As for removal of files..

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