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I know that v3.0.0 is feature locked so not requesting it for that.

Hopefully these are simple enough that they can make it into v3.1.0 though.

* When you are on someone's profile and click to send them a PM, if you will not be able to complete that PM for some reason (user has their PM turned off for example), notify the user then instead of when they click the "send" button. If they do it from their own messenger, where they have to type in the name, then that's different.

* Made this request back in the v2.2.x days. In the ACP, for the listing of bans (IP/username/email), have each in a separate tab. That way the admin can view only the list they want to see.

* For bans, allow option to use regular expressions, per ban. Default would be as it is now, but when adding a ban, admin to select to say that the ban is using a regular expression. For those who know how to use it, it would provide greater power for banning multiple objects in a single line instead of adding multiple lines.

* For bans, allow multiple lines to be entered at the same time (via option to add multiple filters at one time). Could only be one filter type at a time, such as IP or email, but could enter one ban per line, then submit all at one time.

* Some way of detecting if the board is on an IPS server or not. If not, give the admin the option to not honor a members choice to not receive bulk emails. I don't know if IPS hosting customers can modify their own source but if not, then perhaps include a line to edit in a specific file that would enable the option.

* If last item is not possible, then some option for being able to send out an email to everyone in the selected user groups in an effort to test email addresses. Way I see it, if someone doesn't have a valid email address, I don't want them to have access on the board. Wouldn't have to be a big email and could be something internal that can't be easily altered. Something small like "Account status checking" for the topic and inside a brief explanation letting the member know that no action is necessary, it's just checking for expired accounts and to please not mark it as spam. Also restricting how often it can be used would be a nice idea, to prevent abuse.

* Facebook: Be able to prohibit the creation of new accounts using FBC, but allow members to associate accounts with Facebook.

* Facebook: Allow admin access to view/edit a members Facebook information (including a link to view the members profile).

* Custom profile fields: Include 2 lines that the admin can use, both optional of course. First line would be a URL/link line. Second would be a display format. Both would replace {content} with the members input. This would be useful when external services are made into fields, such as Twitter or Photobucket, etc. Also could be used to replace all the if/then and else-if statements in the skin to cover things like AIM, MSN, etc.

As I said before, I know that it's too late for v3.0.0 so please consider for v3.1.0 or v3.2.0 (if there will be such a version). For those who feel compelled to tell me that v3.0.0 is feature locked, please read this post again.

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