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Newbie Question

Guest Mudjosh

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Ok, does IPB have a Member group system?

I mean like, say you are a IPB fan and would like to communicate to just other IPB fans.. Could you join a group to talk to just IPB Fans if an admin sets the forum permissions up?

My second question is this:

How complex is this group membership? Is there any mods to achieve a facebook like group membership where members can set up their own fan clubs and run it themselves without the admin having to set up each forum with permissions for each group?

If there isn't a mod, who could I suggest one made at/where could I ask for it? I cannot pay anyone for it so scratch that out..


Is it too late for ipb to look into this as a feature to IPB3? (Doubt it but I thought I would ask.. )

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Members cannot make their own group, I'm fairly sure on that. However, I know there was a modification that allowed you to pick your group on registration and change to a group of defined groups (Which then you set forum permissions on those groups, and you have your little forum that match up with that group) A bit tedious amount of work I think, but you can do it.

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wouldn't be surprised if a mod gets coded for this if it hasn't already. I know that Alex (dont know how to make the weird "E" in his name) has made a "socializer" script that kinda-sorta makes it more facebook-like but i dont believe it meets the functionality you're talkin about.

The mod can be found here

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Grr.. The mod's forum is down.

That's cool though as it sounds like it is modifying the profile more than the groups feature.

And I don't want to edit the profiles to much.. The IPB profiles system rocks! That is a major plus that I cannot wait for when upgrading from phpbb..

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Just note that the mod is designed for 2.3.x

Yea I know..

This is one of those features that's been discussed for a long time. It's on our radar for a future version, but isn't at the top of our list of must-have additions.

It is nice to hear that it has actually been talked about! Great!

Just just tossing out a crazy question, just a random guess to see how long it might be before it is implemented, about what number is it on that amazing list of must-have additions? :D

As I have said before, I understand completely if you do not know/don't want to tell.

Just a curious question that doesn't even need to be answered at all..
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