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Restoring An 800meg .sql Backup?

Guest Prizm

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HI everyone. I've just purchased almost everything I can from IPB to convert and upgrade to IPB.

I'm upgrading from PHPBB, and am VERY glad we're doing it. We operate a pretty high traffic forum. The database back-up from PHPBB was ~800megs. Now I know restoring that through phpmyadmin is just something that will happen. The only reason I was going to restore it is because I wasn't 100% sure of the IPB converter. So what I was going to do, was backup a copy of the phpbb sql, restore it locally on my own webserver, and run the converter and see what happened.

Does anyone have any advice on such a situation? It's imperative that I lose no data. I'm having a similar issue with my gallery, we'll get to that another time I suppose, and probably best talked over with the photopost people on how to back up and restore into the IPB Gallery.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer some assistance :D

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