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Warning: Unknown(): Failed To Write Session Data (files).

Guest Phil Crane

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right what happend here was i edited php.ini through whm in php config then i restarted the server (gracefull restart) when it came back on i converted a gaem for the arcade then installed it on my test forum and went to play it and i noticed an error on the site, so i checked on my proper site and on everyone elses sites and its teh same error ont hem all on my server.

Can anyone explainw hat it means please:

Warning: Unknown(): open(/tmp /sess_70f211f3cb21f38c748ecad35c33ccee, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in Unknown on line 0

Warning: Unknown(): Failed to write session data (files). Please verify that the current setting of session.save_path is correct (/tmp ) in Unknown on line 0

Session section within php.ini is below:


session.save_handler	  = files  ; handler used to store/retrieve data

session.save_path = "/tmp   "

								   ; in the case of files, this is the

								   ; path where data files are stored

session.use_cookies	   = 1	  ; whether to use cookies

session.name			  = PHPSESSID

								   ; name of the session

								   ; is used as cookie name

session.auto_start		= 0	  ; initialize session on request startup

								   ; is used as cookie name

session.auto_start		= 0	  ; initialize session on request startup

session.cookie_lifetime   = 0	  ; lifetime in seconds of cookie

								   ; or if 0, until browser is restarted

session.cookie_path	   = /	  ; the path the cookie is valid for

session.cookie_domain	 =		; the domain the cookie is valid for

session.serialize_handler = php	; handler used to serialize data

								   ; php is the standard serializer of PHP

session.gc_probability	= 1	  ; percentual probability that the

								   ; 'garbage collection' process is started

								   ; on every session initialization

session.gc_maxlifetime	= 1440   ; after this number of seconds, stored

								   ; data will be seen as 'garbage' and

								   ; cleaned up by the gc process

session.referer_check	 =		; check HTTP Referer to invalidate

								   ; externally stored URLs containing ids

session.entropy_length	= 0	  ; how many bytes to read from the file

session.entropy_file	  =		; specified here to create the session id

; session.entropy_length	= 16

; session.entropy_file	  = /dev/urandom

session.cache_limiter	 = nocache; set to {nocache,private,public} to

								   ; determine HTTP caching aspects

session.cache_expire	  = 180	; document expires after n minutes

session.use_trans_sid	 = 1	  ; use transient sid support if enabled

								   ; by compiling with --enable-trans-sid

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