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[REQUEST] search per forum

Guest bestm8ts

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sorry i know this is not the right place to put a MOD request but as ipsbeyond.com is down i thought this would be the next best place.

i was just thinking it would be good if someone could write a mod that ads a search box at the top of each forum. im sure it wouldnt be hard to do.. but im not a coder

let me know what you think.. picture attached which illustrates my idea.


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When you are in a forum search already gives you the option of searching that forum only.

Not to mention there's already one at the bottom of each forum :P. Just copy the html code to the top.

Err, he's asking for search boxes from the main index page, not from within the forum topic listing.

But in any case, since you're already using a custom skin, why don't you just add additional search boxes to the template? It's not like the capability to search in an individual forum (or category for that matter) doesn't already exist - all you need is an interface for the functionality.
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