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Is there any 64-bit compiled version of IPB ? I'd like to have an option to install a 64-bit version of IPB on a 64-bit version of PHP.

We will run IPB on a ultra-fast server (8 cores, 16GB RAM, SCSI Ultra320 with RAID10 and Win2003/SQL Server 2005 64-bits), but even having 64-bit IIS and 64-bit ASP.NET, we are forced to run IPB/PHP on 32-bit compatibility mode. A 64-bit version of both would help to improve performance - and a IPB.NET would be even better :P

BTW if someone else runs IPB on Windows server, take a look at FastCGI:

Turbo-charge your PHP applications with the FastCGI

Performance tuning PHP 5.2 on IIS

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Uh.. first this is not a support forum.

Second, IPB does not compile. PHP is a "scripting language". The only "compiling" that is done is changing the source to byte code. Just compile PHP as 64 bit and you will be fine.

If you need help, I highly recommend that you open a ticket.

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There is no way to make a PHP script "64 bit". You can compile PHP itself as 64 bit, but the PHP engine (whatever version) will run a PHP script made for that version of PHP.

Our software is compatible with 4.2 or 4.3 through current (5.2.2 or 5.2.3 right now)

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