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Func. question and possible bug?

Guest Parapsihopatologija

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IP Board 2.3.1

1. We have designated one of our forums (from Admin CP - Manage Forums - Edit Settings) not to increment Post Counter by setting the

Enable Post Count Incrementation
If enabled, posts in this forum increase member's cumulative post count.

to No.

However, when we post there, posts are still being incremented. Is this a known bug in 2.3.1, or have we done something wrong?

edit: Please ignore the above, it seems to be working now.

2. Our moderators are in "Members" group, but are inherited from another group which inherits most access rights directly from the administrators. However, it would be handy if moderators, who right now can see IP addresses only on forums where they are moderators, could see them across the whole board. Is there a way to enable this?


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