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AOL and My Invision Board

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So for a long time the members at my board who are AOL subscribers cannot access the board through the AOL provided browser they have. They can however access vBulletin and phpBB boards. Why is it that AOL members can't get in using their AOL browsers?

I contacted someone before on the phone about this and they said it had something to do with the AOL browser not reading the coding language or something like that. They said that there have been a lot of complaints about this problem from other board owners and that they were developing a patch or something like that.

Have their been any breakthroughs? This is my number one complaint about the board so I hope to see it resolved soon.

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I checked the stronghold cookie thing out atomicknight (thanks for the headsup) and it's set to no, so that's one thing down.

Garrett also thanks for your reply and I use Firefox and love it, but my board caters to an older crowd who are happy with the way they do things on the net and don't want the extra hassle. I can't blame them since that is their choice. I do have something posted on the board as well as have something posted in the sign-up so members know about the problem prior to signing up but the question still comes up and a lot of us are quite frustrated.

Any other help would be great and I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum I wasn't sure where to post it. Thanks again guys for what ideas you gave me.

EDIT: I did find the IPB beyond forum and posted my question there. I didn't even know that there was another place to goI only thought that there was this forum, thanks for the help.

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