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I wasn't going to bring this to the forums but I believe its gone too far. So here is my feedback

A few days ago my site was shut down. After 2 days of never being contacted I decided to contact my host. They replied telling me to email CopyrightClaims@godaddy.com. After a few hours they emailed me back with the letter from IPS. Our license had expired a week before all this happened, so I thought that might be it. I then remembered that when it expires I just don't get support or upgrades.

I emailed IPS about the claims. Its been 7 hours since they told me they would get someone to deal with it.

Why was my forum down in the first place? In the client center there is a spot for the URL. We had the url of the forums in there. So its clear we had a license.

The only thing I thought it could be was the test forum we have. But this is on the purchase page for IPB:
"One active installation + one test installation"

I do hope people see this because it has gone too far and my site never should have been shut down.

Icyneo Staff

1 last thing, I renewed my license yesterday

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The piracy department contacts the site owner first in the instance of a piracy report - if the piracy department contacted your host, it must have meant they couldn't have reached you for some reason.

There are times when the site is indeed valid, but we have no way to verify it and so on. I do apologize for your misfortune, but it sounds like it's all sorted out. Please don't hesitate to call our toll free hotline today, or submit a ticket, if you need any further assistance. :)

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