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Looking up duplicate IP's

Guest Nimdag

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Hi. I'm an admin on an IP Board, and I was wondering, is there a feature where you can get a list of IP's that are used by more than one account? Because as the member list starts to grow, it would be useful to be able to prune members based on having the same IP and similar account names. To my knowledge it's only possible to block duplicate emails on members, but email adresses aren't difficult to create, and many people today use more than one email adress.


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Bad idea. AOL has this bad habit of reusing IP addresses. It's VERY common to have multiple members on AOL all show using/having used the same IP address.

I wouldn't delete anything based on a common IP.

Well, I wouldn't either, not based just on that. The thing is, we've seen instances of the same IP being used for several accounts (up to five), where the email adress has been a variation based on the same name (be it the extension gmail.com, hotmail.com, yahoo.com etc). I know it's possible to check a particular member, and check a particular IP, but from scratch, without having a spesific IP to check or suspect, is it possible to have the software run through the member database and return IP's where duplicates occur?
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