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Move some global secirity setting to personal profile

Guest Vitaly

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Some of my visitors use the same notebook at home & at work. Because of that, I can't set security setting to maximum.

I think, such setting should be moved to personal profile & login window:

  • IP match for session
  • Cookies expiration time
  • Stronghold or hot

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The problem is, that I have several thousands users at my forum. And lots of them have problems with login.

It's ok to turn those feathures ON by default. But any user MUST have ability for custom setting. This is very stupid solution to have only global setting, controlled by admin. The only way now to eliminate mass problems is to turn that security settings off.

The problem is not visible, then you have small or rarely visited site. But at big production server, admin have lots of reports, that login expires after browser is closed, or after each new connection to internet via modem.

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