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Multiple Calenders

Guest Andrew Cliffe

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I'm trying to set up multiple calenders - one for one set of users, and another for another set which I'm introducing to my forum.

So far I haven't managed to break the existing calendar (always a good sign), but i'm having problems getting members of a new user group with new permission mask to access a new calendar.

Admins can now see and use both calenders.
Existing members can still see their calender
New users can't see anything, however single day events appear in the front page, whereas ranged events don't... Clicking the "calendar" tab just comes up with "You do not have permission to view this calendar or this calendar does not exist" when I'm logged in as my test user account.

Any suggestions?

I'm using 2.1.7 - haven't had time to upgrade to 2.2 yet.

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