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We have a slight problem in the forums and everyone ignoring this problem,,,
The problems my dears that lets suppose that we have 88,240 registered members and the newest member nick name is crooms and his private file is
But the latest member's number is 16904/ so we have difference in the numbers of the members and that difference caused by the deleting of some members which made the counters calculate in a wrong way.

Let's all think in a good way and make the counter calculate the number of memberships not the number of members to make the counter do his job correctly.

The idea is manipulating in www\forums\sources\sql\mysql_queries.php file to withdraw the database from its base.

Or like what I just said earlier, the we calculate the number of memberships and not the number of members. And change members numbers to new user ID. By that we will be able to make the numbers currect and the counter counts in a right way.


My Regards
Hassan Qaedi :)
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I understand where you are coming from (it would be "neater" to have the Id's matching the number of members), but it isn't very practical.

1. It would require a pretty complex rebuild script to get updated in the first place. Depending on the size of the board and number of missing entries, running such a script could be very resource consuming and take forever!

2. The same rebuild script would be required every time an account was removed from the board. Not good.

3. Profile URLs would be changing all the time. Especially annoying for those who link to it from elsewhere.

4. Some admins (might be just me) currently use the ACP member search via member ID and over time recognise/remember certain member Id's which speeds up the task (e.g you know which ID to search for without obtaining that information first). This would no-longer be the case.

In conclusion: Aesthetically it might be better, but as far as practicality is concerned it fails in many areas.

A no from me, sorry :)

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The id numbers mean absolutely nothing on the front end - ignore them, PLEASE. They are an internal way of tracking records in a database and nothing more. They do not (and are not intended to) correlate to the number of records IN the database, just to a specific record stored in the database.

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