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Question regarding converting

Guest mandingueiro

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Hello ppl :)

I have a heavy-modded phpbb forum (version 2.0.18) and I want to upgrade to IPB.
I have a lot of mods installed like

-welcome panel mod
-birthday mod
-attachment mod etc

The truth is that I don't care much about the calendar, the welcome panel or the birthday mod. But I do care about the subforum and the attachments in my current forum. My question is: will these subforums and attachments exist in the new ipb (if i convert finally) ?

Also: will the users' database be converted too? with their birthday, profile info etc? Will the usergroups and the privileges will get copied in the new IPB forums?
The IPBoard supports subforums by default?

That's all folks :D
ty in advance

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there are coverter scripts inside the client center i believe, if you have any other questions you should submit a ticket, although i think ipb usually concentrates on converting member, attachment, post and forums data. IPB has its own calendar but i doubt it'll try to retain your data, ipb also has its own birthday mod too which it gathers from members, if that data isn't default then your members will just have to add their birth date in again. As for the rest you'll have to email ips.

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