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Suggestion: Access to ipsclass in custom module for subscriptions

Guest FunnyDingo

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Hello together,

I coded a 'custom module for subscription' (wich can be include while adding an new subscription package in the field 'Run custom module on subscription start/end?'). In my case I needed access to the database and I think a nice way would be $ipsclass->DB. Sadly there is no instance of the $ipsclass-Object.

My workaround is, to modify the source/handlers/han_paysubscriptions.php and adding a

$this->customsubs->ipsclass = &$this->ipsclass;

direct after

$this->customsubs = new customsubs();

In this case all subs need a

var $ipsclass;


class customsubs {

otherwise PHP could throw an error (if I remember correctly, it depends on the error settings).

I think it would be advantage, if this would be the default.

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