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Staggered release upgrades or similar

Guest tenaki

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Having problems with support I would like to make a suggestion.

After putting in a request to be upgraded I would far rather have a message saying your board will be scheduled for upgrade in xxx days rather than this current downtime. It would appear that the upgrade was done quickly the fix however is still ongoing after 19+hrs.

I am not spoiling for a fight here or anything I am just asking that the system for upgrades after major releases could be looked at.

You can only do so much in a day and that should be considered after a major release.

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It is resolved now Lindy thank you. I didn't post it with the intention of trying to push it long I just feel it should be looked at generally. I left my upgrade thinking by now it should have been quieter for you guys.

I haven't got the answer I am afraid. But I think there should be something to flag up a ticket if it is x hours open. A reply saying we are all on holiday be back Monday would be better than the silence we get sometimes.

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