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your wish 2007

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Yes, but the new license is much more expensive to buy!

Which of the bold numbers is lower?

A license owned for 10 years that has always been kept active:
Old license scheme: ($69.95 * 10) = $699.50
New license scheme: ($150 + $25 + ($50 * 9) ) = $625.00

(I chose 10 years because it's a round number, I think it actually becomes cheaper after about 3.5 years)
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Better licensing (Yes the new one is bad).

The card feature back. Less expensive.

IPB becomes free.

Pre-sales forum.

All products included with IP Board.

And IPS would have to up the prices if they gave you all products with IP.Board, then you'd be moaning still.

I can and I can wish so, can't I? Don't you want it to be free?

No, I prefer a commercially backed project. The developers can devote more time to it, and support is better.

Brandon, it was a much higher quality product (maybe even better than now) when it was free, in version IPB 1.3, when they just wanted money for support. Come on, you just say so because you pay.

I think IPB 2 is in not comparable to IPB 1, IPB 2 is a big improvement.

Also there is no longer a "life time license" which allows you to get updates forever. :( :( :(

There haven't been for ages.

Yes, but that is a long time.

Clarify Long.

Why? Of course it is, isn't this product worth to buy, however long time you plan to use it?

No, is it worth buying as car if you plan to use it for 1 week. Is it worth buying a Train Season Ticket if you plan using it once?
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  1. more pictures of the new office(INSIDE THE OFFICE)

Word, Why they don't make more pictures to show us? Only 1 picture and even there it's not the best... Common your not a bunch of aliens that don't want to show up lol... Show us the inside of the office, and make more pictures!!!

As about me, Well I wish Santa gave me enough money to buy everything that IPS can offer... Even future releases lol...
Ah Wishful thinking... ;)
Well What I expect for my website for future:
  1. IP.Board
    IP.Download Manager
    IP.Converge ( To converge everything up ;) )
That's all for now ;)
Cheers and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR TO IPS AND ALL CUSTOMER(s) & Member(s)!!!!
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