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You are best to open a support ticket. Why not just use MYSQL? All hosts have at least 1 database available for someone to use. Why make it complicated, is there something you are trying to do with it specially?

I'm not valid IPB customer yet. And i can't use MySQL, because i already use PostrgeSQL cluster =)

This should be quite easy to accomplish if you are familier with PHP and Postgres - just modify the IPB Database driver and mysql cached queries file to make a new postgres database driver. when completed, please share!

Sure, i know this way =) I ask here my question for find ready solutions for saving of my time.

I wrote a working PostgreSQL driver for IPB 2.1 last year. I keep meaning to upgrade it to work with 2.2... I really should do. >_<

Great! If I'm choose IPB for my purposes, i contact with you =)

Thank to all for answers!
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