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Copyright Removal Question

Guest D.San

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I am probably going to purchase this software soon. It is the BEST software I've seen and so far is suited to my needs very well. I love the RSS Importer. That feature is sexy.

My question is this. Can I remove "Powered by Invision Power Board) from the TITLE bar? I know without purchasing copyright removal, I need to leave it at the bottom of the pages. How about in the title bar? Can I safely remove that? Or does that also require the purchase of the copyright removal? Part in question italics.

Example: MyForumName (Powered by Invision Power Board) - Mozilla Firefox
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Is there some reason why you guys don't just say how to do it and be done with it? I mean this has been done for years and IPS have never seemed to mind...

Try this, D.San.

Open ../sources/action_public/boards.php


$cp = " (Powered by Invision Board)";

Change that to:

$cp = " ";

Save and upload ../sources/action_public/Boards.php

It may be ../sources/Boards.php, depending on your version of IPB.
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