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change of some settings

Guest DV2236

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i cant really think of no more you guys could add to make this already grate forums even better but maby making it so u can set some of this settings for only some groups instead of all the groups, like html code, Allow dynamic images, Allow flash movies in posts and avatars, for EXPL im sure alot more

but i can understand not doing this for the html code in sige maby becues with almost any html code u can make a bbcode that will work
like i did 1 for xbox live profile like this for EXPL
Custom BBCode Title:

xbox live profile

Custom BBCode Description:

Show the xbox life profile

Custom BBCode Example:


Custom BBCode Tag:


Custom BBCode Replacement:

<xbox><iframe src="http://gamercard.xbox.com/{content}.card" scrolling="no" frameBorder="0" height="140" width="204">Put your gamertag here too.</iframe></xbox>

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If I had any idea what you were talking about, I'd probably reject your suggestion.

if u dont know what some 1 is talking about maby u sould just not say nothing at all insted of being a A$$... <_<

You can enable html posting on a goup-by-group basis

ware is that setting at... and will it work inside the sig as well? :blink:
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