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Upgrade 2.1.7 --> 2.2. RC3

Guest Pascal Sprei

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Hi Guys ;)

I got da question about the language system.

I now got 2 languages in my iPB - German (from 2.1.7) and the english from 2.2.
How can i translate the english into german - or how can i check the differences (missing phrases in german pack --> english pack).

Can you make a translate function into the acp, which showas the german AND english language on one page, like in the vbulletin - to translate ?

I mean a table where standing german & english of the phrase, so i can see, what i must fill into the german phras, to translate it.

thanks very much

My 2nd question is:
If i use german language, why there are empty fields (i think thats the phrases, which are only in englisch language pack) ?
Can i do it so, that i merge english & german lang pack, so there're nothing empty fields.

thanks very very much.

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If you wish to test the upgrade from 2.1.7 to 2.2 please do so on a copy of your database. Do not perform an upgrade on your live data. We will not be able to assist you if the upgrade fails.


How do you upgrade 2.17 to 2.2?

did you make a fresh installation of 2.2, replace the new mysql data with the old, and run mydomain.com/upgrade?


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