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Error... Changes between CSS and default skin CSS

Guest WoLeRiNe`

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The award for longest server tokens string goes to:

*wait for it*


Here's your prize: GET A NEW HOST! (One that has a copy of php from this millenium!)'

Have you tried increasing your maximum script execution time for php? Do you operate your own server?

Why you are angry and versus me?
I have a VPS! I like my host and server, no problem for me until now, and you? All things are super for you?!!

And read other topic(IPD)! Stop be versus me! Jhon Henry!!!
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If you weren't being an arse and read my post in it's entirity, you'd see I asked you if you had tried to increase PHP's maximum script execution time. That's why I asked if you had a dedicated server, since you can control things like that. No one is angry at you yet, at least in this forum. Now, do you have a file called php.ini that you can edit?

Also, yes, things are super for me, since you asked.

By the way, my name is John. Not Jhon.

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This particular operation is a bit resource intensive. If you have memory limits or script execution time limits, it may not complete. In your phpinfo in the ACP, verify if you see max_execution_time or memory_limit. If you see either, you may need to ask your host to increase those values if you wish to use this paritcular tool.

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