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You can export Macros, but there was no way to import them.

I found, with Oracle, a few customers that didn't have all the macros. Do you know how long it took me to import the macros?

I had to do them as individual queries in the SQL toolbox, AND because Oracle SQL syntax is different from MySQL, I had to alter all my queries individually. There were like 80 rows or something (I don't remember specifically). It took hours, for such a simple thing.

With the import routine, I could just upload the XML file and let IPB do the rest. :) Likewise, custom mods can use the import to add new macros for their mods. You likely won't need it on a general board where you don't install any (or many) mods.

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...so why have this redundancy?

As Michael said, the macros use the images. Think of them like mini-HTML bits where you can, say, resize an image within the macro code, etc. Then you can reference it in the HTML bits or PHP files by the macro name, and it will display the image + carry out the code associated with it.
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