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i kinda like the new pricing plan

Guest Seyeko

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At first i thought the new pricing plan sucked, but the more i think about it, i like it

I have a yearly license that I just bought, so i don't have to really worry about it until next year.

I just like how i can renew it for around $30 for 6 more months and not have to worry about $70 more. I know $30 is easier to get and get rid of at one time then $70 is, even though you are going to have to pay again in 6 months.

Most of us don't like changes. So thats the big reason. We aren't really paying more or less, just more convenient for some people. Also for IPS because now they can get their payments more frequently rather then waiting another year, which means they can probably produce better quality products.

Everyone is hating on it.well mostly everyone, but its starting to make sense to me.

Some might say that "i'd rather pay now and not hav eto worry for another year" Well usually its on a subscription basis so you shouldn't ever have to worry about it at all.

So im lovin it now :)

I posted this in this forum because this is where the new licenses pirces are posted and also it goes along with 2.2

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