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Categorize Friendlist - Friendlist note

Guest RoninHBH

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I love the new profile portal in 2.2, ecspecially the friendlist thing, it looks just like facebook.

But if you have a lot of friends in friendlist, it would be hard to remember which one is which.

1. Categorize friendlist:

I suggest we have a function to categorize friends in friendlist (already approved) into groups. That way, it will be easier to keep track of all of them. A friend can be in more than 1 group. This function should be authorized by administrator since it will take up a lot of server load.

2. Note on friends:

Once approved, a friend will be listed in your friendlist and you can make note of them. Note will be shown next to friend's name in friendlist. This should be optional and must be authorized by admin to do so.

3. Mass PM friendlist or groups: (must have categorized friendlist first)

When compose a PM, you can either send them to individual member or mass send it to a group just by adding group name to it.
Admin can decide how much member you can mass PM at a time/day, or which user group can do Mass PM.
Note that you can only mass PM friends in friendlist (which requires approval of both of them and you). If there is signs of abuse, member can contact admin or just simply ban that member from PM you.
This will take even more server load, but that's just me. You can do the same thing with email (Yahoo!) without using IPB PM system though.

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this is not a suggestion for new feature it is enhancment for my friends new feature

Technically it is a suggestion for a new feature. Whether it's to improve a feature existing in 2.1 or 2.2, or something totally new, it's a suggestion for a new feature. When 2.2 was in beta, yes necessary "enhancements" were being made to features that were added in 2.2. But now 2.2 is in the RC (Release Canddate) stage and the only changes being made are bug fixes. If anything else is added it would have to be absolutely necessary, which usually entails something small. It doesn't hurt to make suggestions, they just need to be in the suggestions forum at this stage.
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I didn't know the features were locked. If it is as you said then I agree that this topic should be moved to an appropriate forum.
@Micheal: I'll make sure to have a "none of the above" option next time I start a poll. :thumbsup: :)

Let me explain a little more about PM groups:

First of all, you should know that there is a limit of number of mass PM a member can do. It is already intergrated in IPB 2.1.7, and it is not a new feature. If you do abuse that, the reciever can either ban you from his PM list, or report to admin ~> that's just common sense.
What I described above goes with the first feature: categorize friend list. Since you already have a friend (or buddy) database, why not categorize them? Since you already categorized them, why don't you just extend it a little bit more? Say I'm going to PM a group of members. I do know how many members I can mass PM at a time (default by admin), and I do know the consequences of abusing it. But I just hate to add their nicknames to the TO: box, one by one. I don't even remember some of their nicknames. Wouldn't it be nice if I can export their nicknames from my categorized friendlist? The export action will only auto fill the receiver nicknames for me, nothing more...
And by the way, since they have to know me well enough to be in my list (I think you have to approve a member to let them add you to their friendlist), I don't think there will be any abuse.

The only concern that I have is it will take more CPU load. But then since Mass PM is already a feature in 2.1.7, I assume I don't need to worry about it + admin can set a limit to Mass PM.

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