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Editing permissioin override

Guest pk62004

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I edit a lot of people's post on my forum, only to have them re-edit over my edit.

Being an admin, it would make sense that my power supercedes theirs.

It would be nice to have it so that if an admin/mod edits a post, then normal members cannot edit that post again.

And if they attempt to re-edit the post, then maybe throw an error msg saying, "You cannot override an admin edit." or something of that nature.

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I think perhaps the closest implementation to this (and the only reasonable way I can think of to implement this type of feature) is that used by IGNBoards software - once a moderator or higher has edited a post, it is still editable. However, if a moderator or higher LOCKS a thread, the topic starter loses the ability to edit it. That said, with IGNBoards, users can lock their own threads. So there are some differences that might look like Apples to Pears at first glance.

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