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CSS Problem

Guest theclub

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l exported the default skin and imported with new name and image folder.

In the CSS all images have the link url(style_images/1/

I did a search\replace and changed them all to url(<#IMG_DIR#>/

After the save they all reverted to url(1/

Why is this?


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What I dont understand is how to update a custom skin. The skin exporting apparently only exports the customizations. So is there not some way to then revert everything in the customized skin to where it will have all of the 2.2 changes and THEN somehow get that exported set of customizations back in? I just plain don't know what the best way is to update my custom skin. Apparently I can't compare the entire custom skin with the entire default skin. Sigh.

And would all NEW templates be installed on all skins already? Because somehow profile view on the custom skin looks like the new type, yet the portal area in the middle is blank. So that makes me wonder if entire templates are missing.

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