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E-mail notification when user validates mail, NOT when user registers

Guest michael n

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I require everyone who registers to first validate their email, then an admin validates the registration. Some users never validate, others wait for weeks. As things are now I receive a mail when the user registers but no mail when the user validates. So I have to check back regularly to see if someone hasn't validated. It would be nice to have an option allowing me to receive notification when the user validates instead of when the user registers.

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The only reason I don't think this is a good idea, is right now I can use the notifications to check new validating accounts and make sure they aren't spammers. Many spammers don't use bots when signing up any more, but real people, but they almost always leave a "trail" in their profile if you know what to look for. This allows me to ban/remove the account before the spammer ever has a chance to post even 1 time.

Still, I wouldn't mind this feature so long as it was configurable in the ACP.

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Failed registrations spam my inbox on a regular basis - and I really mean "spam". I got like 5-6 notifications a day for a time. None of these validated.

I'd be extremely happy if it were possible to suppress the initial notification - it only needs to be optional. Like a checkbox list:

[x] Notify me when member registers
[x] Notify me when member validates

(Checkbox, not radio options, since these are non-exclusive)

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