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  1. I'm using the latest non-beta release of IPS I went to upload a video today, which worked just fine. However, when I edited the video and tried to upload a thumbnail, that failed. It failed because IPS tried to load index.shtml from the uploads directory. I've uploaded a ton of video thumbnails into my community in the past without issue (but not this version of IPS). I don't recall Gallery ever requiring server-side includes in order to upload a thumbnail before. Shouldn't it be trying to load index.html (which does exist) if anything? I searched this forum looking for anyone reporting a similar issue and I couldn't find any. However, I thought I'd try reporting this here before opening a ticket with support. Anyone run into this issue before?
  2. A blank white page usually means there is a PHP error that is being suppressed. There may be an error log in the main directory with your forum that you can look at. It it looks to me like MariaDB is at 10.3 which isn’t old. The upgrade script isn’t reading the version string properly. Your site didn’t break for no reason, something happened. File corruption could be one possibility, which caused by issues with the server itself (like the drive(s) going bad). It could also be server settings causing a problem. If PHP settings were changed or Apache or PHP updated or modified. You should also check your web server error logs while you try to access your site. If there are PHP or mod_security errors, you may see something there.
  3. Looks like it will do what you want, so long as it works with the editor in IPS. It’s worth trying.
  4. Tell your admin to check out the cityfan rpm repository. It has an updated version of Curl for older Centos installs.
  5. Have you looked to see what the posts or the user record looks like in the database itself (if you are self-hosted)? Compare their user record to someone in the same group who is normal. Also, look at some of the posts themselves to see what they look like compared with a normal post. oh, and have them try creating a new user and posting a test post to see if the problem continues or not. That will help you isolate the issue. I had a user with something similar once a while ago and it turned out to be a bad plugin in their browser, but I was able to edit the posts and remove the garbage. But the fact that you can’t edit the posts suggests something different.
  6. So you want to punish someone without anyone else knowing? If you don't want them to be able to do anything for some period you can simply disable their account from logging in for whatever period of time you specify. Nothing looks to be amiss to anyone else but the user isn't going to be able to do anything on the forum for as long as you've specified. They can still visit your community, but they just can't log in. As for free software that allows for this, I just checked phpBB and MyBB, two fairly popular free forums and I can't find a way to do what you are asking. You can change a person's group, but I couldn't figure out how to leave someone in a group and disable them from actually doing anything (short of doing what I mentioned above). Do you have an example of forum software that works out of the box the way you suggest?
  7. When you select a gallery, the interface is a rather large rectangle. Still, there's a lot of empty space around the selection box even so. The overlay box changes size dynamically later in the selection and upload process, so I don't see why the initial box has to be as large as it is.
  8. Are you asking to be able to revoke only some of the features that being in the group or revoke everything in that group? Either way it seems pretty simple to me, but perhaps I'm missing something. It doesn't sound like the user needs to remain in the original group. What's the point of that? What benefits do you or anyone else get in keeping them in a group without the permissions or features that group permits? Remove the user from the group in question. That would remove their ability to access any of the special features or areas that the group permits. Alternately, create a new group with reduced permissions and name it so that it's clear the user is "in the doghouse." If they redeem themselves, you can move them back into the original group and their original access is restored. If I'm missing something, please explain your desire a bit more.
  9. It's probably not specifically about the feature set for most people, I'd guess. It's about allowing those of us with an existing Square merchant account to use it here as well. Having to use two different merchants is a serious pain and can be somewhat expensive for those who have paid for infrastructure with Square. Both Square and Stripe are popular with small business and having both would make IPS Commerce more useful out of the box.
  10. The popup is Safari asking the Mac OS to access information stored in the keychain. If Safari is freezing when that happens it could be caused by a variety of issues, for example, your keychain might be corrupted, there could be a plugin or something else in Safari interfering or some program you have installed on your Mac that is interfering. You may be able to download and use the Safari Technology Preview version (think of it like a beta version of Safari containing new upcoming features, but it may also have other bugs). You can safely have both versions installed and running at the same time. If you download and use it and are unable to reproduce the problem, perhaps the issue is with a plugin in your main version of Safari. If not, there could be a keychain or OS-level issue. I don't want to turn this into a Mac support forum, so if you have issues that this doesn't solve, you can PM me directly with the details and perhaps I can assist.
  11. This might be a cheaper and better fit if you don't need all of the features of Newsletters and your members are set to receive emails on new PMs:
  12. @sadams101 - When I say global, I mean the "default" settings for that specific version of PHP if you don't manually change things, I was not referring to the default version of PHP that users on your server will have (5.6) unless they change the version of PHP they want to use. When you switch your PHP version, the settings you had in the previous version of PHP will no longer apply and you'll get the default settings that PHP 7.x has on your server. The settings you will want to change aren't in WHM (unless you want to apply those settings to all accounts that use that version of PHP and who also have not made any changes to the PHP settings in their cPanel account. You should log in to cPanel as the cPanel user for the account that owns the domain you want to make the change for. If that is what you are doing, the domain may also have one or more files or settings that are forcing an override to the settings you are changing in cPanel. For example, if you had custom settings for PHP under the older Easy Apache 3 system. I'd discuss the matter with whoever provides you your server as there are a number of files and locations to look at when resolving this problem and it's not the kind of thing that is easy to explain in a forum like this.
  13. You mentioned cPanel and since you're using PHP 7+, this means your server is using the newer EasyApache 4. It doesn't matter what settings you had for PHP 7.0 because when you switch to 7.1 you're using an entirely different bunch of settings. You'll need to modify your settings under PHP 7.1. If your web host has PHP 7.1 enabled globally with only 32 MB of memory (which is odd since 128 MB is the default these days), you should be able to go into your cPanel account and unless your web host has disabled it, and click on the MultiPHP Editor. Select the domain or subdomain your copy of IPS is running under and that will bring up a list of PHP settings. Change "memory_limit" to a larger number and apply changes. Note: Depending on your server's settings, these changes may not apply instantly, but may take a few minutes to take effect.
  14. You edit the group those people are in to add the "Can post status updates?" item near the bottom of the Social tab. You can also set a automatic group promotion criteria so new members move into the more full featured group after a certain amount of time, posts, etc.
  15. While I don't think that IPS needs to make an LMS part of the core offerings, I do think it's a great thing that there will be a third party offering for this. It's not something everyone needs, but those who do typically struggle with existing solutions. An LMS is far more than quizzes and videos and anyone with a need for an LMS knows what I'm talking about. An LMS is about education management, and if you're using IPS for your intranet or a private community where education and training are essential, then having an LMS as part of IPS would be very important to reduce friction and the learning curve. I hope the third-party LMS takes off, because I've had to figure out a number of LMS solutions for various intranets over the years and having a separate LMS tool is always problematic, no matter how good it is.
  16. You might want to open a ticket about this if you want to contribute code. I can say that I used to work for some large companies and under no circumstances would any of them take ideas or content/code from anyone for fear of legal repercussions later. I'm not sure how IPS would handle this.
  17. 1. More reliable if you use SMTP. If your community is just a small fan-based one, perhaps using GMAIL doesn't matter, but GMAIL does put certain limits on outbound email and it's going to look better if you use your own domain. 2. It's hard to say what is happening. PHP's mail function is built in, but perhaps your VPS provider has restricted that function or perhaps you think mail isn't getting sent, but it is just getting sent to spam by everywhere you checked. Look at your server-side logs. 3. PHP's mail function is typically the path of least resistance. Generally, it "just works" - but the problem is the system is really just "spoofing" a from address when you use that and recipient mail servers can tell the difference. If the mail is important, use SMTP, where the system authenticates against a real email account, but you'll need an email server to handle those sorts of requests and the appropriate ports will need to be open in your VPS firewall if you have any. The fact that GMAIL works suggests you're OK on that front.
  18. Take your images and use a image processing tool or editor to rescale all of your images to only the size you need to display on your site (having multiple versions if you have different sizes. Honestly, since you cannot control member uploads, there's not much you're going to be able to do here, really. Also, don't freak out about GTMetrix. Tools like that will list everything they can think of that might help page load times, but that doesn't mean you can or should follow every suggestion. Truthfully, a beefier hosting platform will probably do more for page load time than anything else. The stuff GTMetrix suggests is just sort of low-hanging fruit.
  19. Try switching to the default, uncustomized version of the theme temporarily. Your customizations may be interfering with the updated login code.
  20. We'd need to know more about your environment to even hazard a guess. Does your server use cPanel or Plesk? Is the OS Linux (for example CentOS) or Windows Server? What version? Are you running Apache and mod_PHP or Nginx and PHP-FPM? If you are using cPanel, are you using EasyApache 3 or EasyApache 4?
  21. Then he’s out of luck. Or he gets a tablet or phone or a sets up a VM that will allow him to accept cookies. I’ve got to say, this is a really odd restriction. Half of the Internet won’t work without cookies. ? I hope he gets compensated well for this intrusion into his personal life.
  22. It’s a security thing. You can solve this typically by adding the specified items to the disabled_functions section of a php.ini or user.ini file either in your forum directory or you local or global php.ini file. Where you put it and how depends on your server. You can ask OVH about it. You can temporarily dismiss the warning for now, it won’t affect anything, but it is a good idea to address.
  23. I forgot to mention that once you get your friendly URLs working again, you should click the Rebuild Sitemap button in the ACP System -> Site Promotion -> Search Engine Optimization. It is at the top right on that page.
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