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Installer still present

Guest Michael

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I know that you need the /install/ file. You should be locked out of the ACP for the first time until you remove /index.php, like what vBulletin already does.

Except that there's no real need to. The installer wont do anything while install.lock exists. And again, if someone is able to remove it, you have bigger things to worry about than them reinstalling your forum.
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You don't really need to remove the whole directory, just the index.php file. And even then, they'd need your password to do any damage.

I just rename the install folder instead of deleting. As its not always easy to upload when one is trying something
new with installation of the forum.

FuSoYa is right, it is a security related thing.
Let it be old wine in new bottle :)

Or just like SMF and phpbb2 forums, you cant login into admin cp untill u delete the install dir.
But on second thoughts, if a hacker is trying something, he just had to try to login and if he gets that
stupid message to delete the install directory, he is all the more sure that the directory exists.

So finally back to invisions point of view. lol
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