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couple suggestions.

Guest jdanzuso

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lol before I start I got 1 simple question. Why is there a Insert Special Item and smile dropdown on the editor if theirs a selector to the left of the editor :P

Suggestion 1: You should add a gender field to the Edit Profile Information page in usercp. This is because for some members at a customers forum it may be easier for them to just be able to change this when they are in their control panel, rather than need to go to their profile to change it.
Suggestion 2: You should probably remove 1 of the Send Message links from the profiles.
Suggestion 3: Maybe add the new username dropdown to search post results?

That's all for now.

o and also you were the version number is supposed to be only <{%dyn.down.var.human.version%}> appears right?

Edit: o wate I see now you can close or open that smile bar. And also clicking Show All doesnt work in IE6, don't know about other browsers though.
Edit 2: The Show all link also doesn't work in IE7

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