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Remove Poll Vote Limit

Guest Nydendarin

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Is there any way to remove the number of times a user can vote on a poll?

My reasoning is this. I was asked to hold a 'voting' session, for a student orginziation at my school. They want the voting to be limited to that location, hosted on a school-wide message board, but don't want to have to make users register before they vote. So my plan was, to create one user account, with special privliges so only that user in that usergroup can see the 'voting poll' section. Then I create a poll in there, log on all the laptops at the 'voting location' with that user account, and have them sit down, vote, and leave. But, as is currently with my IPB install, each user account can only vote once on a poll, then you're locked out of futher voting.

Is there any way to patch/hack/fix the poll definitions to allow me to unlock that voting restriction, to make this a posibility.

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Some people cant' code. I can do minor PHP, not huge things like Fusoya, dean, bfarber or Matt does. Most I can do, is name functions,


to put things in them, and call em. No OOP, nothing 'more' advanced . . .

All you need is a simple add 1 to the count in a database/file/whatever for something like this. Surely you could find someone to write something up for you as opposed to having IPB modified.

Either way, someone is coding for you, just one is WAY harder. I'd code it, but I don't know PHP (C#, VBscript, getting into JAVA for server side)

Plus I think there are websites for you to create your own polls on.
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Right, the idea is to have people come into a room, sit down, vote, then leave. They woudln't have the opportunity to vote a thousand times or whatever becuase we'd be standing right there, and they woudln't know the user authentication to get to the poll outside of the voting room.

I 'could' use an off-site poll service, but I would rather use my already set up and configred IPB install to do it. How feasably difficult would it be to simply remove the 'you can only vote once' from the poll infastructure, and allow you to vote as many times as you like?

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