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As lot's of forums we have a classified section.
But it's a pain to maintain since the users are not able to delete and modify their ads.
(We have to restrict this on our main forums)
Are there any plans to make delete/edit configurable at forum basis?

We have considered PhotoPost Classifieds, this integrates with the IPB user database.
Anyone who have experience with Photopost?

Are there other alternatives?

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From their page:
If you already have a forum (vBulletin, UBB Threads, phpBB, DCForum, or InvisionBoard), you'll appreciate that PhotoPost Classifieds was designed to seamlessly integrate into your site without the need for your users to register twice and maintain two logins.

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Login and CSS is integrated.
vB Enhanced integration is the ability to have the header footer pulled around our product as well as post icons smilies etc. This shouldt be too difficult to overcome.

Few references to IPB over at Photopost,....
As far as I can tell there is no link between Photopost and the IBP user profile, sending PM directly to a poster is not possible.

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