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@ Matt and the rest of IPS (IPB Chat)

Guest cam drysdale

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@ Matt and the rest of IPS:

Check out http://www.microsoft.com/communities/chats/default.mspx

See how you have a page with a list of chatrooms, and then select one and then agree to terms and then see a full sized chatroom built using html and css.

Well this is what IPB needs big time, as it would allow us designers to customize using html and css templates but also manage multiple rooms say for products, and also it'd be totally awesome.

All these mini apps such as flash chat, and Java ones suck!

An OCX would be better, but even then i still think you should use HTML/CSS like MS have done.
Please Reply!!!

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This post is aimed at developing a chat exactly like described, the other post was based around alternate chat apps to would be good for ipb. Please dont close this post, as i really want to rally support for this idea, as i think it'd be totally awesome.

Add +1 if you wanna see this implemented into IPB

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