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If your familiar with WordPress then you'll of seen this many times, for those that are not, permalinks are a way of cleaning up the urls for posts etc.

so a url like:


could become:



any chance of a similar feature being implemented into IPB 2.2

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It's just beyond our means to sit here and respond to all the suggestions made. I have to work on IPB tickets, IPB itself, manage IPS Beyond - responding to suggestions isn't worth the time it takes to do it in *all* cases.

Again, that doesn't mean we don't read them and discuss them internally.

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I was thinking more like 2.2 - it shouldnt be too big a project

If its added, then it will take as long as it takes, your not going to get the answer you want.

They would be crazy to promise a feature, for a version thats not even finished, where planned features are being written everyday.

More important features I am sure are being added, while this feature would be nice, its not going to make or break the future. While lack of support for coverage might just do that ( extreme maybe, truth yes ).
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It would be impossible for IPB to manage Permalinks in the same manner as Blog. ;) Blog creates a directory for each user. For IPB to do this for forums, that would be one directory per forum. For topics, one directory per topic (imagine 50,000 topics?). For posts - well, that just wouldnt' be possible. Many operating systems I bet can't even handle 2 million folders within one folder.

It would have to be implemented in a different manner.

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I dont mean actually create the directories, they'd be virtual, like WordPress does!

i.e. the main url like index.php?showtopic=5 would still work, but the permalink could be /topic/hello-world

check out wordpress, they do it via .htaccess as far as i know, which is edited using php

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