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[REQ] Completely change skin caching/reversion behaviour on upgrade

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There seems to be many people struggling with upgrades in the skinning domain.

  • They lose customizations when they choose 'revert' on the upgrade pages. I really don't understand at all why that is offered as an option on upgrade!
  • They don't revert, but then report bugs after upgrading because they don't have some necessary upgraded skin bits.
  • They cannot fix this because they don't have a default skin to use instead. They produced their custom skin by editing the default and/or have deleted it.
  • Long ago, they moved boards about in their filespace (or between servers), and folder permissions stop the any of the skins from recaching properly.
I'd like to suggest the following.
  1. [*]It is made IMPOSSIBLE to edit the default skin OR each upgrade produces a new default skin (with the board version number in its name) [*]Part of the upgrade is to check CHMOD permissions of the default skin cache folders and files right at the beginning of the script, and HALT the script if they are not correct. [*]The upgrade script resets the selected skin to the default for members of the root admin group. This guarantees they can use the board and not be subject to any skin bugs after upgrade. [*]The upgrade script leaves custom skins UNTOUCHED with NO options to revert. [*]Instead the upgrade script should test whether the custom skins contain changed parts which are themselves being changed in the new default and tell the user which ones they are.
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