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Inherit permissions from another forum

Guest Logan

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IPB really lacks usability in the ACP, so many improvements could be made to make managing / creating things easier.

I think it'd be really nice when creating a forum instead of checking all the permission mask boxes each time which is so time consuming, be able to inherit from another forum.

There's a mod for this, and I think it's great. If this is implemented as a feature in a future version, it should be done the exact same way:

View the demo video here: http://www.dscripting.com/mod-demos/index....e2f907418e28c0c

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Can this pretty, pretty please be implemented into IPB 2.2? If you don't want to install Dean's mod to see how it works, just look at the video mod demo.

It should be implemented that exact same way.

This is needed so badly! It's hell creating new forums with a load of user groups / permission masks and having to set them, when you could just inherit them from another forum!

Once again, please! :P -- this would be a huge step in improving usability, since you've already done a few things to improve it in the forum area this would be another great addition.


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This is one of the reasons vB is still preferred to IPB in some regards. vB features a very advanced permissions system, which does exactly this, among other things. While setting up permissions initially is time-consuming, being able to simply have forums inherit master permissions is very, very nice. I'd love to see this in IPB 3.0.

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