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How to add links on top of the forums?

Guest KhalsaForce

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Skins & Templates >
Choose the skin you want them on >
Edit Root Skin Template HTML >
All Global HTML >
global_board_header >


[i]<a href="{ipb.script_url}act=Help">{ipb.lang['tb_help']}</a><a href="{ipb.script_url}act=Search&amp;f={ipb.input['f']}">{ipb.lang['tb_search']}</a><a href="{ipb.script_url}act=Members">{ipb.lang['tb_mlist']}</a><a href="{ipb.script_url}act=calendar">{ipb.lang['tb_calendar']}</a>	[/i]

Now just add :

<a href=" URL "> TEXT HERE </a>

Put in the Url and the Text you want to appear.

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