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  1. TalkChelsea

    Member's Country

    Brilliant plugin! Only thing like someones already said needs UK split into England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland.
  2. Works well just no button like the poster above, not really a problem though. " alt="84798ca50d48cfb224675386fbd6156c.png">
  3. TalkChelsea

    [GFX] Forum Activity

    Cheers for this got it working on my forum with a few changes. :) http://forum.talkchelsea.net/
  4. TalkChelsea

    Show Mobile Status

    Just tested and still not working. :unsure: This user is using an iPhone to browse the forum. Theres no mobile icon anywhere..
  5. TalkChelsea

    Show Mobile Status

    I'll install the new version and let you know later if the problems still there mate..
  6. TalkChelsea

    Show Mobile Status

    id=55 i think if im looking in the correct place. Looked at one of my own posts from my iphone using the main skin and it shows the mobile icon. Theres other people browsing from mobile and it isnt showing the icon for them.
  7. TalkChelsea

    Show Mobile Status

    Custom skin so i assume thats why?
  8. TalkChelsea

    Show Mobile Status

    Just purchased and installed the hook, mobile icon isn't showing for people browsing on mobiles. :unsure:
  9. TalkChelsea

    [IPBLounge] Topic Covers

    Ive disabled it for now as my members cant tell when there's new posts in that forum. Once this has been added ill turn it back on. :)
  10. TalkChelsea

    [IPBLounge] Topic Covers

    Thanks for the app, added it on my forum http://forum.talkchelsea.net/list/11-current-squad/ Just wanted to know if i can change the info in the box next to the users photo to the last person that posted and the date? Thanks Jim.
  11. TalkChelsea

    (ZoZ) jQuery Recent Topics Ticker

    Cheers mate got it working on our forum :thumbsup:
  12. TalkChelsea

    Download: Recent Topics Ticker

    It does work were using it on our forums. :)
  13. TalkChelsea


    Just used this works perfectly! :)
  14. TalkChelsea

    Site Poll Block

    Yes pinning it works for now, thanks.
  15. TalkChelsea

    Site Poll Block

    I've just added this to my site http://www.talkchelsea.net/ and its showing a poll from 2010 when a poll was added in my selected forum yesterday :s Any help appreciated, great block by the way! Jim.
  16. TalkChelsea

    (DDK33) Quote Selected Text

    Thank You The quoting is working fine :smile: Now im having a problem when a user from the admin group is mentioned. Its working fine for all the normal members, the admin group is just coming up as @ , No name is mentioned in the post and there's no notification. Sorry to be a pain. http://forum.talkchelsea.net/topic/14094-new-quote-selected-text Jim.
  17. TalkChelsea

    (DDK33) Quote Selected Text

    Its doing it for any post :(
  18. TalkChelsea

    (DDK33) Quote Selected Text

    Good work love it mate. Just added it to my forum, when i went to quote or mention it says... @null, null keeps coming up, maybe i done something wrong :sad:
  19. TalkChelsea

    (DDK33) Instant Notifications

    Very good mate, love your hooks cant wait to see what you do next! :)
  20. TalkChelsea

    (DDK33) Board Index Face

    Good work mate! :thumbsup:
  21. TalkChelsea

    (DDK33) Board Index Face

    I think you should improve the look of the hook in the next update. I've had so many people contacting me wanting help in getting there's to look like mine. :) Just a suggestion mate. :thumbsup:
  22. TalkChelsea

    (DDK33) Board Index Face

    Sent you some help via PM mate. :thumbsup:
  23. TalkChelsea

    (DDK33) Board Index Face

    Ok well ive made a few edits and added it to my forum http://forum.talkchelsea.net/ One question is it possible to show the time the posts were made next to the recently discussed topics? Thanks mate!!
  24. TalkChelsea

    (DDK33) Board Index Face

    Why are more faces shown when i log out?
  25. TalkChelsea

    Download: Recent Topics Ticker

    Hello great hook thanks. :) Just one question how do i make it so the marquee is continues so there's no gap between the last and first topics links?